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Caterers Service drinkbackpack  "Around the Party" Food and drinks are of course an essential mainly a party.

Nevertheless, it is only a part of many , so that your hard also a success.

I have made ​​it my mission my backpack clients to drink help according to the drinkbackpack celebration event to give the necessary advice, and in the vigorous implementation .
 Good planning of drinkbackpack the entire logistics and implementation is a prerequisite for the success of your event.

Through my years of experience I can offer you advice and backpack  assistance. Our goal is :

They celebrate ... we drink conjure up for you! Our service includes the following:


Planning and execution of your party , partially or completely Room and drinkbackpack table decorations for Provision of dispensing systems and /

or dispensing cart backpack  Providing staff drink  Creation of menus , buffets, canapés , etc.


Delivery of food (on request with care) Collection and drink cleaning of dirty dishes Contacts with music and entertainment Decorative objects , furniture, drinkbackpack toilet facilities and much more.

Planning of company outings Throughs of shooters , folk festivals and Fire Meals at Jungendzeltlagern Children and Youth backpack  Events of all kinds existing drink suppliers for Zeltanlagen catering.

We work with various caterers who can offer you many different tastes and like to discuss your ideas .

Of course, you drinkbackpack also have the opportunity to even hire a caterer or even bring your own " creations " . The drink Fleet Pearl responds to all requests and is happy to assist you with your planning . BEVERAGES without "LIMIT "

We deliver exclusively backpack  known brand spirits and give only good  drink quality (best) beers and soft drinks. is not included in the drinkbackpack package !